Are Bang Energy Drinks Good or Bad For You?

Are Bang Energy Drinks Good or Bad For You?

By Dr Joe

On this page, I’m going to give you the low-down on whether bang energy drinks are good or bad for you. You’ll get to know the ingredients, when to take bang energy drinks and how to use bang energy drinks.

There is a wave of publicity going on in the fitness sector. It’s about bang energy drinks. Keen fitness enthusiasts are all jumping on the bandwagon.

But no one has actually taken a pause to ask if bang energy drinks are bad for you? Is it safe to assume that bang energy drinks are good for you?

How about we take a pause to analyse if bang energy drinks are healthy or not. Because it’s only after such analysis that we can establish if these bang energy drinks are good or bad for you.

With so much publicity, these new drinks have now grabbed a fair slice of the market share. Giving the oldest energy drinks a run for their money. I’m referring to Red Bull and Monster drinks. These old favorites now see vpx bang energy drink as a serious competitor.

That’s the power of social media and social media influencers. It’s the way the world works today.

are bang energy drinks bad for you

What does bang energy drink do?

Nice question. What does bang energy do really? May be another way of framing the question is: what is bang energy drink?

Answer: Bang energy drink as the name implies; is an energy boosting drink just like Monster, Red Bull or Reize. A lot of user feedback seems to suggest that bang energy drink does what it says on the tin – heighten energy.

So, bang energy drink is all about invigorating and amplifying your energy output, preventing early exercise fatigue. Bang energy drink is a good workout escalator formulated to assist you burn fat.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, bang energy drink is claimed to be the pick-me-up tool. Capable of enhancing your workout intensity on account of the energy stimulating potential.


What ingredients are in bang energy drink?

It’s reasonable to know the content i.e the ingredients of the bang energy drink, before we talk about whether bang energy drink is good or bad for you.

For instance, some people are interested in knowing how much sodium is in bang energy drink, because they don’t want to consume too much salt. Others also want to know if bang nergy drink has electrolytes. Yes, it does have electrolytes.

For all of these people, if you look below you’ll find the sodium and other electrolytes content in the bang energy drink.

With that thought in mind, here’s Bang energy drink nutritional information.

1 can of Bang Energy drink which is 16 oz contains:

  • 0 Calories
  • 300 mg of caffeine
  • 0 mg Protein
  • 0 mg Cholesterol
  • 0 gm total fat
  • 0 gm total carbohydrate
  • 40 gm sodium
  • 85 mg Potassium

Here are vitamins and minerals that make up the ingredients in bang energy drink

  • Magnesium ( 2% of the daily recommended dosage)
  • Niacin ( 25% of the daily recommended dosage)
  • Vitamin B12 (25% of the daily recommended dosage)
  • Vitamin C (50% of the daily recommended dosage)
  • Vitamin B6 (25% of the daily recommended dosage)

What else is in Bang energy drink?

  • L-leucine
  • Super Creatine (Creatyl-L-Leucine)- Creatine bonded to L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-valine
  • CoQ10
  • Carbonated water
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA
  • Citric acid anhydrous
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Sodium benzoate (this is a preservative)
  • Potassium sorbate (this is a preservative)
  • Sucralose (Artificial sweetener)
  • Acesulfame potassium

When to take bang energy drink?

Wondering when to drink your bang energy drink? Well, your best bet is to take your bang energy drink 30 minutes before your workout. The idea is to have the branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and the Super-Creatine to get absorbed from your gut. These nutrients are forwarded to your muscles.

Usually BCAAs tend to by-pass the liver when taken in supplement format. This means the BCAAs head straight for the muscle where they provide the much needed amino acid for muscle building and muscle protection.

So, if you take your bang energy drink 30 minutes before your workout, you will preparing the ground for muscle nourishment. That’s a recipe for muscle gain. Besides, taking your bang energy drink before your workout prevents early exercise fatigue boosted by the caffeine.

If you are not able to take your bang energy drink 30 minutes before your workout, drink your bang energy drink soon after your workout to quickly replenish your muscle nutrition.


How to use Bang Energy Drink?

If you are wondering how to use bang energy drink, I will suggest as stated above, to use it as a pre-workout drink. Just drink it as you would any other energy drink.

That’s how you get the best out of the drink and I will explain why. If fitness is your thing, you’d want to maximize the time you spend on training, don’t you?

The caffeine in the vpx bang energy drink (remember, no other energy drink has that amount of caffeine in it) is a workout booster. That’s why Red Bull and Monster drinks are used by fitness enthusiasts. To fight fatigue.

Something else with the bang energy drink is the BCAAs, coQ10 and the super-creatine in the drinks. These BCAAs, for instance, compete with tryptophan in the brain.

That way, less 5-hydroxytryptamine is produced. 5-hdroxytryptamine (5HT) gives a feeling of fatigue. The less 5-HT you have, the better.

BCAAs in bang energy drinks make you produce less 5HT meaning more workout output.

I cannot speak for the super-creatine though, as it would appear to be proprietary secret. We do not know the true nature of the super-creatine. The makers of the drink tell us that it is superior to the creatine that we know and love.

Plus the coQ10 works at the level of the mitochondria which is the power house of your cell. The coQ10 enables you produce more energy.

All of these combined mechanisms make it a wiser idea to use your bang energy drink as a pre-workout beverage.


Do you have to be 18 to buy bang energy drink?

Yes, the minmum age for bang energy drink consumption is 18. The makers of the drink clearly state that bang energy drink is not for people under the age of 18.

I can understand why. The caffeine content being so high makes it an inadvisable drink for youg people.


Is bang energy drink healthy?

It depends on how you look at the issue of how healthy the bang energy drink can be. It’s not a perfect drink by any stretch of imagination. It’s got some healthy points as well as some bad aspects.

So let’s look at the good aspects of the drink first of all.

are bang energy drinks good for you

Is Bang energy drink good for you?

From the point of view of what it can do for you in terms of workout output, then you can say bang energy is good for you. The drink will certainly turbocharge your exercise endurance.

The caffeine content of the bang energy drink even though is a tad high for my liking means you can get a lot more mileage from your training sessions. More output, Better results. A fitter you.

Anything that stimulates workout intensity is never a bad thing.

Besides I like the fact that the bang beverage has BCAAs. I have written a lot about BCAAs on this blog. BCAAs are great for muscle growth, fight Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) as well as muscle recovery.

When taken as directed, users don’t report having jitters. The vitamins in the bang energy drink are good for nerve function. The electrolytes in bang energy drink make for easy fluid and electrolyte replacement following a sweaty session in the gym.

The bang energy drink does not have refined sugar as does a lot of other energy drinks. Instead bang energy drink has sucralose instead as it’s sweetner.

Refined sugar is best avoided if you want to stay healthy. So that substitution of sucralose for refined sugar is another reason bang energy drink is good for you.

Without the usual refined sugar, you won’t have blood sugar spikes followed by blood sugar crash. Blood sugar crash is something that stimulates people to eat energy-dense refined carbs.

One more reason why bang energy drink is good for you is that it contains coQ10. This is a coenzyme that’s involved in energy production within the cell. You cannot argue with the fact that energy production within the muscle cell during workout is a good thing.


Why is bang energy drink bad for you?

Okay, so we have talked about why bang energy drink is good for you. But why would bang energy drinks be bad for you? Like I said earlier, it’s not a perfect energy beverage. That means it’s got some bad aspects.

First is that sucralose in it. Sucralose is not usually digested in the gut which in itself is not a bad thing. But that means in some people the sucralose can cause upset stomach.

So, if you are wondering if bang energy drinks make you poop, yes, they do. Not in every user though. Just some. Because people handle their sucralose differently.

Some people will experience bloating, gas issues and nausea. Others will have poop issues (diarrhoea) when they consume bang energy drink.

If you have diarrhoea everytime you use bang energy drink, it’s the sucralose in it that is responsible.

Another reason why bang energy drink may be bad for you is the mixture of caffeine and super-creatine. This study seems to suggest that it may not be a wise combination in that they both have opposing effects on muscle relaxation time.

There’s a chance this combination may negate some of the muscle gain benefits that you expect from using the beverage. But in reality this effect is not that significant.

Another thing is; we are not quite sure what super-creatine actually is and what it does. In theory, the super-creatine in bang energy drink is supposed to be superior to the regular creatine.

Some reports however seem to suggest that super-creatine gets broken down to creatinine very quickly. That’s not so much a problem if your kidneys are functioning very well. Your body should get rid of creatinine in your urine. But if you have suspicious kidney function, you want to be careful then.


The Sodium Benzoate risk of VPX Bang energy drinks

Another reason bang energy drink may be bad for you is the presence of the preservative, Sodium Benzoate. This preservative has some not-so-pleasant side effects.

When sodium benzoate was combined with caffeine in another unrelated product, these were the side effects observed:

“visual disturbances, increased sensitivity to touch or pain, tingling in the hands and feet, ringing or buzzing in the ears, hearing loss, trouble sleeping, muscle tremors or twitches, increased urination, rapid heart rate and ther cardiac arrhythmias including headache, excitement, agitation, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, hyperventilation, shortness of breath”

In any case, those are some of the adverse effects you would expect if you consumed too much caffeine but obviously there’s a gross overlap of the side effects for caffeine and sodium benzoate.

A further little concern that bang energy drink may be bad for you is that; sodium benzoate has been arguably linked to cancer. For someone who is a reasonable user of the drink, this should not really be much of a concern to you.

You’ll need to be consuming lots and lots of the drink and on a regular basis for you to have cancer concerns regarding this energy drink.

All in all, if you’re going to use bang energy drink as part of your fitness program, you only need to apply commonsense. Don’t over-consume the drink and you should be fine.

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