Easy Banana Hummus Recipe [That Works]

Easy Banana Hummus Recipe [That Works]

By Dr Joe

Banana hummus? What’s that? That’s the kind of response I get when I tell people about this recipe. A banana hummus is hard to imagine, I know but it is alive and kicking, folks. Banana hummus is.

And you are going to love the banana hummus because it is simply lovely to taste.

I don’t want to talk about the benefits of banana here but suffice it to say, bananas are good for you.

In fact, bananas are not good for you, they are great for you.

Love them everyday, please. If you are looking for magnesium for instance, just eat bananas. Ditch the supplements.

I don’t know if I am blazing a trail here regarding this banana hummus recipe. It’s possible someone somewhere has done something similar. I don’t know. I haven’t searched online if anyone else has come up with an easy banana hummus recipe yet.

Maybe there’s another crazy person out there that has so much time on their hands like I do, to come up with this. In any case, I have and my creation is here for you to enjoy, if you so wish. And why won’t you.

So, what do we need for this easy banana hummus recipe?

Bananas X 3
Chickpeas (canned) X 3 cans (drained)
Red Onions X 1
Garlic X 4 cloves
Sweet Peppers (Bell peppers) X 2
Lemon X 2
Paprika X 3 tbs
Coriander powder X 3 tbs
Ginger powder X 3 tbs
Cumin X 3 tbs
Black pepper (ground) X 3 tbs
Tahini paste X 4 scoops


easy banana hummus recipe


How To Make The Easy Banana Hummus

>> Chop up your red onion, garlic and sweet peppers (bell peppers) into smaller chunks. Peel and slice up your bananas too.

>> Squeeze out your lemons and pour the lemon juice into your food processor.

>> Put in the chopped up red onions, bell peppers, sliced bananas and garlic into the food processor with the lemon juice and blitz the content to a fine paste.

**Now I use a ratio of 1 canned chickpeas to 1 banana. You can use 2 cans of chickpeas instead of 3. In that case use 2 bananas too. I say this because depending on the size of your food processor, you might struggle to fit in 3 bananas and 3 cans of drained chickpeas.

>> I like to add the seasoning agents in the middle layer before adding the drained chickpeas.

>> So, add the paprika, the ground black pepper, coriander spice, ginger powder, cumin and the Tahini paste.

>> Now top up the content in the food processor with the DRAINED chickpeas, add salt and blitz the entire content to a fine paste.

>> Like I always say, I like my hummus thick. You may not. If you are someone who likes yours thinner, you can add small amounts of water at a time and re-blitz the content until you are happy with the texture.

>> Turn off food processor and serve, garnishing with chopped chives and chopped carrots.

Does the easy banana hummus pass my blood sugar test? It sure does. I had my easy banana hummus with carrots and I got a blood sugar of 102 mg/dl (5.7 mmol/l). I like that!

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