Linguine With Mushrooms in Red Wine Sauce

Linguine With Mushrooms in Red Wine Sauce

linguine with mushroomsBy Dr Joe

Linguine with mushrooms in red wine sauce is an easy recipe that looks deceptively hearty but in actual fact is a healthy carb recipe.

You will enjoy all the goodness of eating carbs without the guilt. So why not go for it.

People who say you shouldn’t eat carbs are doing you a disservice. I love carbs. I eat carbs and you should too.

The only proviso is that you eat the right carbs. As it happens I tried an experiment in this recipe to prove a point about eating the right carbs.

One central ingredient in this recipe is linguine. I prepared this recipe using whole grain linguine and the regular linguine on two different occassions.

The difference in the blood sugar results was stark. I will tell you later about the blood sugar results.

The only thing I will mention straightaway is that the whole grain linguine was the winner hands down. Try and use whole grain ingredients all the time or when you can.

Whole grain foods are much better for your metabolic health.

One thing about this recipe is you want the mushroom vegetables to dominate the dish at the expense of the linguine in a ratio of 3:1. That is one of the best ways to eat your favourite carbs and get away with it.

What do we need for the linguine with mushrooms in red wine sauce recipe?

Linguine (whole grain variety) X 100 gm
Red Onions X 1
Garlic X 2 cloves
Mushrooms X 550 gm
Red wine
Cooking oil (Rapeseed oil) X 3 tbs
Red Pepper (bell pepper and regular sweet pepper) X 2
Black pepper X 1 tbs and half
Sage X 1 tbs
Ricotta cheese
Rosemary X 1tbs
Coriander herbs X 4 sprigs
Vegetable stock powder X 2 tbs
Red wine vinegar (optional)


linguine with mushrooms ingredients


linguine with mushrooms in red wine sauce ingredients

How to make the linguine with mushrooms in red wine sauce

>> Slice up your mushrooms, red peppers (bell peppers and regular sweet pepper), red onions and garlic.

>> Boil and cook your linguine (preferably whole grain linguine) the usual way. Set aside.

>> Grab your preferred cooking pot, wok or skillet and add the cooking oil. I prefer to use rapeseed oil. Pour in 3 tbs of the cooking oil.

>> Heat up oil and add the red onions and garlic. Stir-fry until tender. Reduce heat.

>> Add the mushrooms and stir-fry for about 3 minutes.

>> Pour in the red wine. Don’t flood the pan. You need just enough red wine to make the sauce. About 150 ml should do. You could add more but don’t flood the pot with the red wine.

>> Let that cook for about 4 minutes stirring intermittently.

>> Now add the sliced red peppers. Stir together for 1 minute.

>> Time to season the sauce – add the rosemary, black pepper, salt and vegetable stock. Stir together.

>> Add the ricotta cheese and coriander herbs. Stir together ensuring the cheese dissolves into the entire pot content.

>> Once cheese is thoroughly mixed. Add the cooked linguine and stir together for a minute and turn off heat.

That’s it. Your linguine with mushrooms in red wine sauce is ready.

Now this is optional – Splash the linguine with mushrooms in red wine sauce dish with some red wine vinegar and stir together. Yummy!

Serve in your pasta bowl and garnish with more coriander herbs. and 2 more tbs of ricotta cheese.


As I said earlier on, there is a difference between the blood sugar results of regular linguine and whole grain linguine. With regualr linguine, I got a blood sugar reading of 6.4 mmol (115 mg/dl) whilst the blood sugar result when I used the whole grain linguine was 4.7 mmol/l (84.6 mg/dl). Isn’t that awesome?

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