The 5 Minute Hummus – It’s As Easy As It Gets

The 5 Minute Hummus – It’s As Easy As It Gets

By Dr Joe

Why the 5-minute hummus? One of the things I like to do and I encourage people to do is simplify what they eat. Simplicity has always been in the forefront of what I do and preach.

If you follow this blog, you will attest to that.

And I am not about to change that. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not forever.

5 minute hummus

Hence, in an effort to continue with that principle, I set myself a challenge. I believe in legumes…a lot.

Legumes are great for your health. We just don’t eat them enough. And I want to change that. Get people to eat more legumes.

One way to up your intake of legumes is to eat hummus. Much of the hummus we eat is made from Chickpeas. Why not eat more of the stuff – chickpeas.

So, I set myself a challenge. To simplify the hummus we make. I have come up with a hummus recipe construction that is so easy, anyone (absolutely anyone) can throw this quick easy homemade hummus recipe together without fuss.

This oil-free quick hummus only requires 4 ingredients plus salt. How cool is that?

If you are vegan, you can eat this 5-minute hummus. If you are a vegetarian, you can have it as well. If you are a calorie counter, you can make this easy hummus recipe, because it is a low-calorie hummus.

Okay, let’s get started.

What do we need to make this 5-minute hummus easy recipe?

Lemons X 2
Red Onion X 1
Tahini paste X 4 scoops
Chickpeas in water (drained) X 3 cans
Salt to taste

How to make the 5-minute hummus

>> Slice your red onion and chuck them into the food processor.

>> Squeeze out your lemons to get your fresh lemon juice (not shop-bought lemon juice). Pour the lemon juice into the food processor.

>> Drain your chickpeas. Always use chickpeas in water for your hummus. Avoid the chickpeas in salt water (brine). You don’t need that. Anyway, drain your chickpeas and add the drained chickpeas into the food processor.

>> Add 4 scoops of Tahini paste into the contents of the food processor. For those who have problems sourcing Tahini paste, use Peanut butter instead. Peanut butter will give you similar results. I will advise you use peanut butter without added sugar though. No added sugar please. It might be sweeter but remember, refined sugar is bad for our health.

>> Add salt to taste.

>> Then blitz the content to a fine pulp. Shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes to blitz.

>> Pause the food processor. You might find that it’s not blitzing the content finely enough. That’s because the hummus being made is too thick. Add some water to thin it out a little as you saw me do in that video above.

>> After adding water, blitz some more. The texture of the 5-minute hummus will change for the better and indeed your food processor will thank you for it because it’s less work for it to do. By adding some water, you have made the blitzing job easier for the food processor.

>> Pause after about a minute or so. And your 5-minute easy hummus is now ready. Yippee!

Now taste the beauty. Hmmm, awesome taste.

Even though the hummus took you less time than it takes to open a pack of shop-bought hummus, this one tastes better and more importantly, you know what’s gone into it. No guessing.

And it’s healthier!

Healtheir in the sense that my blood sugar was 5.2 mmol/l (93.6 mg/dl) 1 hour after eating the 5-minute hummus with carrots. How cool is that?

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