Veggie Rice Recipe

Veggie Rice Recipe

veggie riceBy Dr Joe

This veggie rice recipe is mainly for the individual who won’t compromise on their favourite white rice. To a lot of people, rice is a staple food they cannot do without.

Despite repeated advice to have healthier option of brown rice, lovers of white rice won’t tag along that line of caution.

They want to stick to their preferred option of white rice. To them that code of conduct is a bridge too far!

White rice is a processed version of rice. Although not heavily processed, it is still processed enough to cause you a blood sugar spike. Something we’d like to avoid.

But just how can you eat white rice and have it your way without the usual blood sugar spike? This veggie rice recipe will do just that for you.

The veggie rice recipe is very easy to put together. If you can do a stir-fry, you can make this veggie rice bowl.

What do we need to make this veggie rice recipe?


Broccoli X 1
Bell peppers (Sweet peppers) X 2
Chilli pepper X 1
Red Onions X 1
Garlic X 2 cloves
Rice X 1 cup
Cashew nuts X 100 gm
Celery X 3 sticks
Red Wine Vinegar
Kikkoman Soy Sauce
Hot Pepper sauce
Ginger powder X 1 tbs and half
Cinnamon X 1 tbs and half
Turmeric X 1 tbs
Rapeseed oil X 3 tbs

veggie rice ingredients


veggie rice


How to make the veggie rice bowl

>> Slice up your broccoli florets into small pieces.

>> Slice up your bell peppers, chilli pepper, de-seeding them in the process.

>> Chop up the celery and red onion.

>> Boil and cook up your white rice as usual. Set cooked white rice aside once done.

I like to make the sauce up before stir-frying the vegetables to avoid any panic.

>> So, make your sauce up by pouring the red wine vinegar into a seperate bowl. Pour the soy sauce into the bowl with the red wine vinegar and mix them together. Add into the mixture the turmeric, ginger powder, cinnamon, hot pepper sauce and crushed garlic. Mix the lot together to make a nice rich sauce. Set aside.

>> Now place your wok or skillet on fire and add the cooking oil. I use rapeseed oil. You may use some other cooking oil. Heat up oil and add the red onion slices. Stir iintermittently for about 1 minute. Turn down heat.

>> Add the broccoli and celery slices and stir-fry for about 4 minutes ensuring the broccoli turns deep green in colour. Add the sweet peppers along with the chilli pepper and stir-fry the lot for another minute.

>> Add the cooked rice and the cashew nuts to the veggie stir fry mixture and stir together handsomely for about 1 minute.

>> Once mixed homegenously, pour the sauce you made earlier into the stir-fry mixture in the wok and mix the lot together for another minute. Turn off heat.

That’s it.

Your veggie rice bowl recipe is done.

Now serve into your favourite bowl and enjoy!

Ordinarily, when I eat white rice, I get a blood sugar spike. Did this veggie rice bowl spkie my blood glucose? No, it didn’t. I got a blood glucose reading of 5.5 mmol/l (99.0 mg/dl). How cool is that. That’s how vegetables can turn a seemingly unhealthy ingredient into a nicer variant. What’s not to like, huh?

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