Does Peppermint Tea Break a Fast?

Does Peppermint Tea Break a Fast?

With the surge in popularity of herbal teas, lots of people wonder if using peppermint tea does break a fast.

Maybe you have just recently embraced intermittent fasting. You approached it with trepidation and you’re gradually finding your feet.
And probably loving the art of fasting as a way of regulating your metabolism.

And maybe loving the results you are getting from your intermittent fasting.
But it bothers you that you’d like to drink something else other than water. You’d like to dink some tea or even coffee.

Yes, water fasting or should I call it ‘fluid fasting’ is the way to go. Dry fasting is not an advisable thing to do.

So, you want to consider adding peppermint to your intermittent fasting plan. Having chosen peppermint tea out of all the herbal teas, you are now wondering if drinking peppermint tea will break your fast.

Let’s answer this question that is bothering you then?


Will drinking peppermint tea break my fast?

Truth be told. No, using peppermint tea will not break your fast.

If you love your intermittent fasting regime and you love your peppermint tea, then both are actually a good combination.

Drink your peppermint tea to your heart’s content during your fast and you should still be fine.
Your fast will not be broken. Your results will not be broken either.

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Why won’t peppermint tea break my fast?

The answer is simple. Peppermint tea as aromatic as it is, does not have any significant calories.

Why did I say: “peppermint tea does not have any significant calories”?
Why didn’t I say, it doesn’t have calories at all?

Here’s why.

If you want me to be very specific about the calorie content of peppermint tea, then I shall reveal the real calories in peppermint tea to you…

…but only if you care to know.

Peppermint tea does have calories. Well sort of.
You will be glad to know that peppermint tea has just 1 calorie.

Yes, peppermint tea has just 1 calorie. So, it’s not exactly zero calorie but if you want to split hairs, then that’s your answer.

Will 1 calorie break your fast? Not really.

As far as weight loss is concerned (if that’s the reason) you are doing intermittent fasting, 1 calorie from a cup of peppermint tea will do nothing to affect your weight loss efforts.

You can drink as many cups of peppermint tea during your 16-hour, 20-hour, 24-hour, 36-hour, 48-hour or even 72-hour fast without derailing your weight loss efforts.

You’ll still lose fat drinking peppermint tea during your fast.

Another reason why peppermint tea is good for intermittent fasting is that, peppermint tea helps curb hunger cravings and even sugar cravings.

One problem you have to deal with during intermittent fasting is hunger pangs. And it can be quite tempting to give up your fast long before you were scheduled to break your fast on account of pesky hunger pangs.

Well drinking peppermint tea will help you suppress hunger which means you are more likely to succeed with your intermittent fasting plans.

Besides when you eventually break your fast, have a cup of peppermint tea with your meal. Why?

Well peppermint tea helps with digestion and bloating too.

There are anecdotal reports that peppermint tea may actually help burn belly fat as it helps with fat metabolism.
After all, you’d like to burn belly fat, don’t you?

All the more reason why peppermint tea makes a good complement to intermittent fasting.

Peppermint tea helps you in more ways than one when you drink it during your fast and be rest assured that peppermint tea will not break your fast.
Rather, peppermint tea complements and helps your intermittent fasting instead.

Tried using peppermint tea during your fast?
Leave your comments below. Tell us about your experience below.