apple beetroot banana smoothieBy Dr Joe

When you love someone, why should you let go…unless of course the love is a one-way street. In which case, it is hopeless hanging on to something that isn’t there. When it is a 2-way street, expect that relationship to blossom.

Fortunately with food, it is a 2-way street. The food will always love you back. It’s your own commitment that we should be worrying about.

Point is, if you like a particular food, why let go. Eat it until you get bored of it. Okay, maybe not. Eat it just enough to avoid boredom.

That’s the kind of relationship I develop with a lot of the foods you see on display as recipes on this blog.

Beetroot is no exception. I am loving it. The fact that beetroot has an impact on my blood pressure is making me like it even more. So, bring it on, bro.

Here is a recipe that will have you rocking…if you love beetroot that is. The beetroot and the banana are fighting for dominance in this recipe and it is you who benefits. Get your taste buds ready for this war of earthy characters.

In truth, I am not sure who wins. What I do know though, is that the beetroot wins in the colour stakes, hence the domineering colour that you see through the glass once you have made this apple beetroot banana smoothie.

What do we need for this apple beetroot banana smoothie recipe?


Apple X 1
Banana X 2
Beetroot (steamed) X 2
Celery X 3 sticks
Natural Yogurt X 200 g
Flaxseeds X 3 tbs
Plant-based milk (optional)


apple beetroot banana smoothie



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How to make the apple beetroot banana smoothie

>> Slice in your celery into the nutribullet jar.

>> Add the beetroot (steamed) preferably sliced in smaller chunks.

>> Slice in your banana and apple.

>> Add your flaxseeds and blitz the content for 40 seconds. Sometimes you may need to pause the nutribullet and shake up the content and restart again. If you run into difficulties, just add some milk to provide a fluid medium to facilitate the blitzing. Pause the nutribullet.

You are going to end up with a thick paste which tastes great.

>> Now scoop in the natural yogurt and blitz again for 30 seconds. Pause the nutribullet.

That’s it. Your apple beetroot banana smoothie is ready to be served. If you feel the consistency is too thick for you, just add some more milk and blitz again.

Then have a nice one and chill out whilst you are drinking this nature’s phytonutrients in abundance.

Did the apple beetroot banana smoothie pass my blood sugar test? Yes, it did. I got a blood glucose reading of 4.3 mmol/l (77.4 mg/dl) 1 hour post meal. Hmmm, nice!

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