apple oats smoothieBy Dr Joe

Something that happens when you engage in serious exercise regardless of whether it is aerobic or resistance training is that you tend to feel hungry afterwards.

If you are someone who does any serious training or work outs this will resonate with you.

So, it was after I had been on a 3-hour walking exercise, I got home feeling rather peckish.

Sadly there wasn’t a lot left in my fruit bowl to make my usual loaded smoothies. I like my smoothies to represent a meal. It might be a smoothie but it is food regardless.

All I had in my fruit bowl were apples. I thought to myself…Hmmm, I’m sure I could craft a smoothie out of these apples. After all, I have natural yogurt in the fridge.

And that was how this apple oats smoothie was born. What this shows is you don’t have to have a lot to make a wholesome smoothie.

Oh and I got solid 7 hours plus out of this apple oats smoothie before I felt hungry again. Nice bonus.

What do we need for this apple oats smoothie?


Apple X 3
Raw oats X half a cup
Natural yogurt X 250 g
Chia seeds X 4 tbs
Lemon X 1
Plant-based milk X 120 mls

apple oats smoothie


apple oats smoothie

How to make the apple oats smoothie

>> Slice up your apples and chuck them into the Nutribullet jar.

>> Squeeze in your lemon

>> Add the raw oats and Chia seeds

>> Blitz the lot for 1 minute. Pause the Nutribullet.

The content is going to be very thick after pausing it.

>> Now add the milk to your own liking. I use plant-based milk like Almond milk (unsweetened). If you want the smoothie to be very thin, add a lot of milk, otherwise add about 120 mls.

>> Then blitz the content again for another minute. Pause the nutribullet and you are good to go.

Your apple oats smoothie is ready.

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What was my blood glucose after having this apple oats smoothie? I got a reading of 4.5 mmol/l (81 mg/dl). Great!

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