appletized tahini hummusBy Dr Joe

I have not posted recipes for a while on this blog. Shame on me for that.

Life has gotten in the way lately. Something had to to give. Sadly adding content on this blog was the sacrificial lamb. But that’s history now. I am back with a vengeance.

You all know I love hummus because it’s one way of having the main ingredient (beans) in your dietary arsenal.

Let me shout it from the roof tops, folks. Eating beans and peas is good for your health…any day, anytime.

Driving back home from work yesterday, I took a different route because of a road incident that meant my normal route was closed. As normally happens my new route couldn’t cope with the volume of traffic because this road is not designed for such drama.

The traffic became a stop-start kind of thing.

In one of those standstill positions I saw a wild apple tree by the roadside bursting at it seams with fruits. Obviously these fruits are still in the development stage, so not ripe enough to be plucked yet. Not that I would have plucked any…

Anyway seeing these apples gave me some kind of inspiration as I had it in mind that I will be having a hummus dinner that evening.

Enter the appletized tahini hummus.

Not for the first time I have used fruits in my hummus to make it unique. See this one here.

So appletized tahini hummus it is then. Decision made. So get on with it, Joe, I told myself. So here it is.

What do we need to make this Appletized Tahini Hummus?


Apples X 3 (You may use only 2)
Lemon X 2
Canned Chickpeas X 3 Cans
Red Onion X 1
Sweet Pepper (Bell Pepper) X 1
Garlic X 3 cloves
Ground Pepper X 2 tbs
Tahini X 4 tbs
Ground Cumin X 3 tbs
Gound Ginger X 3 tbs
Hot Paprika X 3 tbs
Salt to taste

appletized tahini hummus ingredients


appletized tahini hummus ingredients


appletized tahini hummus with carrots

How to make the Appletized Tahini Hummus

>> Slice up your apples to small chunks

>> Slice up the bell pepper, red onion, and garlic.

>> Squeeze out the juice from your lemon.

>> Pour the lemon juice into your food processor.

>> Add in the red onion, apple, sweet pepper and apple slices.

>> Turn on your food processor and blitz the content until a soft paste is formed.

>> Now add in the ground cumin, ground ginger, ground pepper, hot paprika and tahini on top of the original content in the food processor. This will form a middle layer. You may use crunchy peanut butter or cashew nut butter instead of Tahini if you are not able to access Tahini.

>> Now add the chickpeas as a top layer along with salt to taste.

>> Then blitz the lot until a uniform paste is formed.

That’s it.

Your appletized tahini hummus is ready to grace your dinner plate. And garnish with chopped chives.

What can you eat the appletized tahini hummus with? Celery sticks, pita bread, seeded wholewheat bread, rye bread, cracker biscuits and my favorite, carrots.

I had mine with a heavy dose of carrots and my blood sugar only rose to 6.1 mmol/l (109 mg//dl) 1 hour post-meal. I like that!

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