bulgur wheat with veggie mixBy Dr Joe

As some of you probably know, I am preparing for a walking challenge. Actually 2. A 30-mile one and a 60-mile added for good measure. Heaven help me.

So after coming back from a 10-mile practice “run”, I needed something to replace the energy burnt on the walk.

For the record, I ain’t doing the walk to lose weight. I have lost as much weight as I want to. Don’t need to lose any more. It’s more for maintaining my cardiovascular fitness.

Got back and was wondering what to have for this evening’s dinner. As luck would have it, I had crafted a recipe in my head during the 10-mile walk.

One beauty of walking as opposed to jogging is that, you have ample opportunity to think and come up with ideas.

Walking gets your creative juices flowing. Try doing that when you are jogging. Fat chance!

Having come up with the recipe, it became a case of whether I had all the necessary ingredients in the house without me going to the shops that evening. Luckily, I had. That recipe is the bulgur wheat with broccoli veggie mix.

I would encourage you to try this recipe because it is gorgeous.

What do we need for the Bulgur Wheat with Broccoli veggie mix?


Bulgur wheat X 1 cup
Red Onions X 1
Sweet peppers (Bell peppers) X 1
Garlic X 2 cloves
Rapeseed oil
Vegetable broth powder X 2 tbs
Cinnamon X 2 tbs
Black pepper X 1 tbs

bulgur wheat with broccoli veggie mix ingredients


bulgur wheat with broccoli seasoning


bulgur wheat with broccoli

How To Make The Bulgur Wheat with Broccoli Veggie Mix

>> Slice up your broccoli florets into smaller chunks

>> Slice up your red onions, garlic and sweet pepper (bell pepper).

>> Pour bulgur wheat into a cooking pot and add water to the bulgur wheat on a ratio of 2:1 (Water to bulgur wheat).

>> Add 1 tablespoonful of the vegetable stock powder to the bulgur wheat and stir together.

>> Cook bulgur wheat for about 8 minutes. You may need to add extra water if the bulgur wheat dries up too quickly but only a little water at a time.

>> Once bulgur wheat is done, set aside.

>> Add 2 tbs of rapeseed oil into another pot or skillet (Wok).

>> Heat up oil and add the red onions and garlic. Stir together until onions are tender. Lower the heat – very important.

>> Add the broccoli and stir fry until the broccoli florets turn bright green. Then add the sweet peppers (bell pepper) and stir fry for a minute.

>> Add the seasoning agents – cinnamon, black pepper and the 2nd tablespoonful of the vegetable broth powder and stir together.

>> Now add the cooked bulgur wheat into the broccoli veggie mix and stir together thoroughly.

>> Allow to cook for 1 minute and half stirring intermittently.

Turn off heat. That’s it.

Your bulgur wheat with broccoli veggie mix is ready.

Serve the bulgur wheat with broccoli veggie mix in your fave dinner plate. You may garnish with Macademia nuts (optional) to add extra crunch.

Does the bulgur wheat with broccoli veggie mix pass my blood sugar test? It sure does. I got a blood glucose reading of 6.2 mmol/l (111 mg/dl).

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