creamy broccoli soupBy Dr Joe

I have been trying to get this easy healthy creamy broccoli soup pubished on this blog but it kept escaping my mind. I like broccoli and I like to do a lot of dietary stuff with broccoli.

Eat it in any way, shape or form. Broccoli is one of the cruciferous vegetables that you should eat lots of at every opportunity.

Cruciferous vegetables belong to the group of superfoods. Cruciferous vegetables are rich in antioxidants which help fight inflammation and by extension help in cancer prevention.

Broccoli also has Vitamin C that facilitates absorption of Iron.

Let’s not forget too that broccoli is a verified source of vitamin B1, calcium, iron, niacin, magnesium, protein, zinc,  and selenium.

So what broccoli soup are we going to make?

We will be making an easy healthy creamy broccoli soup. Good.

And you will need this Soup Maker. I like the simple life, hence I recommend the soup maker. It’s a breeze making soup with the soup maker.

What do we need to make this easy healthy creamy broccoli soup?


Broccoli X 1
Red Onions X1
Bell peppers (sweet peppers) X 2
Garlic X 2 cloves
Coriander X 2 tbs
Cumin X 1 tbs and half
Single cream X 150 ml
White pepper X 1tbs
Vegetable stock X 3 tbs

easy creamy broccoli soup

How to make the easy healthy creamy broccoli soup

>> Slice up your broccoli florets into smaller chunks.

>> Slice up your red onions, bell peppers (sweet peppers) and garlic.

>> Toss the red onions, garlic, bell peppers and broccoli pieces into the soup maker jug.

>> Add the seasoning ingredients – cumin, coriander (you may use coriander herbs if you like, even better as you get the coriander punchy flavour), vegetable stock powder and some salt into the contents of the soup maker jug.

>> Add about 1 cup and a quarter of water to the contents in the soup maker.

>> Turn on soup maker, select ‘Smooth’ soup mode unless you want it chunky and hit ‘Start’ button.

21 minutes later, your easy healthy broccoli soup is ready.

>> Now it’s time to cream up the broccoli soup. Pour out the ready soup into a soup bowl and pour in the single cream into the soup in the bowl and stir together.

That’s it. Your easy healthy creamy broccoli soup is ready. Enjoy!

What about blood sugar friendliness of this easy healthy creamy broccoli soup? I got a 1 hour post-meal reading of 4.8 mmol/l (86.4 mg/dl) even though I had mine with 3 slices of seeded bread.

Don’t have a Soup Maker? Get this one here on UK Amazon.

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