By Dr Joe

A flavoured beetroot hummus recipe? Oh, Yes, it is.
When it is dark outside especially in the winter months, you need something to lift you up.

Your mood may not be down in the boots like the weather, but it’s not always a bad idea to munch on something uplifting, regardless.

Not just that, a flavoured beetroot hummus is something that brightens the evening. Get that purple colour out in a bowl and voilla, the room begins to sparkle.

Don’t be surprised. It’s not just colour but the flavoured beetroot hummus recipe does actually tickle the taste buds too.

So, what do we need for this flavoured beetroot hummus recipe?

Red Onion X 1
Garlic X 4 cloves
Bell peppers (Sweet peppers) X 2
Steamed Beetroot X 350 gm
Lemon X 2
Canned Chickpeas X 3 Cans (drained)
Tahini paste X 3 scoops
Cumin X 3 tbs
Coriander X 3 tbs
Paprika X 3 tbs
Black pepper (ground) X 2 tbs

beetroot hummus


beetroot hummus

How To Make the Flavoured Beetroot Hummus

>> Slice up your red onions, garlic and sweet peppers.

>> Slice up the beetroots into smaller chunks.

>> Cut up your lemons and squeeze out the lemon juice.

>> Pour the lemon juice into your food processor and chuck in the sliced red onions, garlic and sweet peppers. And blitz them up in the food processor until fine in texture.

>> Add the sliced up steamed beetroot and blitz as well.

>> Now add the seasoning agents – Paprika, Ground black pepper, Coriander and Cumin along with the Tahini sauce.

Don’t blitz yet.

>> Add the drained chickpeas. If you are struggling to fit all the chick peas in, you can use 2 and a half can of chickpeas.

>> Now top it up with salt and blitz the entire content. Stop every now and again to check the texture. Usually it turns out just about right. But for those who like their hummus thinner, you may add a little water at a time and blitz until you are happy with it.

I like mine fairly thick. Blitz until you are happy with it.

>> Turn off food processor and serve. Garnish with chopped chives and or finely chopped carrots.

Now enjoy your flavoured beetroot hummus.

Does this flavoured beetroot hummus recipe meet my strict blood sugar test? You bet, it does. I got a blood sugar reading of 95 mg/dl (5.3 mmol/l) when I had mine with carrots. Yummy!

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