strawberry blueberry banana smoothieBy Dr Joe

A healthy strawberry blueberry banana smoothie recipe is not just here but it’s yours for the taking, folks. I haven’t published new smoothies for a while.

Not because I haven’t been sipping on any smoothies for this length of time.

The main reason being that I have been busy crafting some other vegetable recipes together and those recipes have somehow taken priority.

Your health is important to me and I have to spread the net far and wide to ensure whenever you stop by, you get something new to chew on and more importantly your health gets the overall benefits.

As you know I love the berry fruits, not just because they are colourful and pretty but that the colour you see gives the berries a nutritional meaning.

The colour is what gives berries that unique ability for preventing chronic inflammation in your body.

Polyphenols, folks, polyphenols. Just remember that. If you do, you will want to have more berries in your diet. Use any excuse to get some berries on board.

This healthy strawberry blueberry banana smoothie is sure going to float your boat. In this healthy stawberry blueberry banana smoothie, you will be close to meeting the recommended 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day to keep the doctors idle. This is a healthy strawberry smoothie recipe that you can employ for weight loss too.

What do we need to make the healthy strawberry blueberry banana smoothie?


Strawberries X 200 g
Bluberries X 150 g
Banana X 2
Protein powder X 2 scoops
Flaxseeds (Linseeds) X 4 tbs
Natural Yogurt (low fat) X 250 g
Plant-based milk X 120 ml

healthy strawberry blueberry banana smoothie

How to make the healthy strawberry blueberry banana smoothie

You need a Nutribullet smoothie maker to do this effieciently but if you don’t, a regular blender will suffice. You can grab a discounted Nutribullet here however.

>> Chuck in your banana into the Nutribullet jar, slicing the bananas up for ease.

>> Add the blueberries and strawberries.

>> Scoop in your proten powder and add the flaxseeds (linseeds).

>> Blitz the content for about 30 seconds. Pause the nutribullet.

>> You will find the content to be very thick.

>> Now add the yogurt and the milk and blitz again for another 30 seconds. Pause the nutribullet.

Boom. Your healthy strawberry blueberry banana smoothie is ready.


I say this smoothie is healthy and I say that with confidence because 1 hour post-drinking this healthy strawberry blueberry banana smoothi, I got a blood glucose reading of 4.6 mmol/l (82.8 mg/dl). Now that’s healthy.

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