peanut butter hummusBy Dr Joe

So, I still have people who are in the dark about my standard hummus recipe that uses Tahini as one of the important ingredients that adds that little zest to your hummus.

They aren’t sure what Tahini is. I have explained that Tahini is just a paste of sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds provide a nice supply of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are great polyunsaturated fatty acids that bolster your health and are essential by the way.

But it’s also nice to have a good variety of fatty acids in your health portfolio. So, this time we will go for the Omega 6 fatty acids instead of the Omega 3.

So, for this hummus recipe, we are going to use peanut butter instead of sesame seed paste (Tahini). Are we going to get the same result in taste and enjoyability? Yes, we do actually.

I loved how this peanut butter hummus recipe turned out. It was good. Very good.

What do we need for the Peanut butter hummus recipe?


Chickpeas (drained) X 2 Cans
Garlic X 3 cloves
Peanut butter X 3 tbs
Cumin X 2 tbs
Black pepper X 1 tbs and half
Hot Paprika powder X 2 tbs
Lemon fruit (Squeezed) X 1 and half

peanut butter hummus ingredients


peanut butter hummus seasoning ingredients

How to make the Peanut Butter Hummus

A food processor is best for making hummus but if you don’t have a food processor, don’t sweat it. You can use a regular blender instead. The only problem with using a blender is that it requires more work on your part as you have to keep pausing the blender to stir the content to get a consistent blend. But hey, it still works and you will get your hummus, won’t you?

>> Chop up the garlic and squeeze out the lemon to get your fresh lemon juice.

>> Pour the lemon juice into the food processor or blender.

>> Add the chopped garlic, peanut butter, cumin, black pepper, hot paprika powder and blend the mixture for about 30 seconds. Pause and scrape down the paste from the sides of the food processor or blender and restart the processor or blender for a fine mix. Pause after another 20 seconds.

>> Now add in the chickpeas and salt to taste.

>> Blend the content until you have a nice thick paste. For me I like my hummus thick but this may not be your bag. Add a little amout of water if you desire a thinner hummus but be careful, a hummus should never be runny, otherwise you ruin what should be a fantastic dining experience.

>> Pause the food processor or blender when you are satisfied you’ve got a good blend.

That’s it. Your peanut butter hummus is ready. Garnish with chopped chives. Awesome.

Time to feed your desire.

Serve with any of these – vegetables, pita bread, healthy cookies, rye bread etc. I have my peanut butter hummus with Carrots. OMG, the taste is divine!

What about blood sugar friendliness? Well, I had a blood glucose reading of 5.4 mmol/l (97.2 mg/dl). This was a 1 hour reading after having the peanut butter hummus with quite some carrots. I can live with that!

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