probiotic nutty rocket saladBy Dr Joe

Continuing my theme of loving the rocket (arugula) vegetable, I thought I come up with a recipe that has immense benefits for your bowel.

Gut health is a big thing these days. In fact, it is theorised that a lot of inflammatory conditions affecting human kind today are traceable to problems with the gut.

Fix this and you will be on your way to a well person.

Not to be left out, I thought: How about having simple salad recipe that has probiotic in it. I have a feeling this is a first but that is arguable in the grand scheme of things.

I will confess, I have not looked to see if anyone else has done this before. It’s just something that I came up with in my head that looks really, really healthy to me and I thought I’d run with it.

So, what’s this salad then?

I call it the probiotic nutty rocket salad.

In this probiotic nutty rocket (arugula) salad, you have vegetables (tick), fruit (tick), nuts (tick) and a probiotic (tick).

The probiotic is natural yogurt and you guessed it, the yogurt is going to be the “salad cream”. Now, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, okay.

Besides, if it looks unusual to you on the plate, just remind yourself that it shares the same ‘good looks’ with a bowl of coleslaw. If you have ever liked coleslaw in your life, why not this pleasant and rather healthy probiotic nutty rocket (arugula) salad. Kinda of the same, only difference is coleslaw uses Mayonaise but instead we are using the really healthy option here – Natural Yogurt.

So, what do we need for this probiotic nutty rocket (arugula) salad?


Rocket (arugula) vegetable X 70 g
Blueberries X 150 g
Walnuts X 70 g
Beetroot X 4
Natural yogurt (low fat) X 250 g

probiotic nutty rocket salad


probiotic nutty rocket salad

How To Make The Probiotic Nutty Rocket (arugula) Salad

>> Wash your rocket (arugula) vegetable and toss into your salad bowl.

>> Chop your beetroots up into small bitesizes and add to the salad bowl.

>> Add your blueberries and walnuts.

>> Now that’s looks pretty, right.

>> Let’s “enhance” the salad look by scooping in our natural yogurt (low fat) and stir together. See, I told you it will look like coleslaw but only chunkier.

That’s it. Your probiotic nutty rocket salad is ready.

Now enjoy  this awesome salad. This is one of the healthiest salads you will ever eat. You can try this the next day with Spinach vegetables instead of Rocket and you will still be on track to treating your bowels to great health whilst your coronaries and other blood vessels will be dancing for joy.


What about blood sugar test for this probiotic nutty rocket salad. I got a blood glucose reading of 5.3 mmol/l (95.4 mg/dl). Awesome!

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