rocket arugula fried eggs saladBy Dr Joe

There’s a lot of emphasis on quick meals these days. The same reason why people turn to takeaway meals and fast foods that are largely unhealthy.

All of these contribute to the obesity epidemic. See my piece on how the South Pacific nations are rocketing ahead in the obesity never-ending marathon.

Food preparation doesn’t have to be a chore. Putting quick meals together doesn’t have to require exceptional culinary skills. Not at all.

An example is this rocket (arugula) fried eggs salad.

The only skill (if you call it that) required is frying an egg. Surely, that’s within everybody’s reach, I’d like to think.

That being the case, you will run out of excuses to avoid making this simple recipe.

This rocket (Arugula) fried eggs salad could pass for breakfast meal or a brunch depending on your circumstances.

What do we need to prepare this Rocket (Arugula) fried eggs salad?

Rocket (arugula) vegetables X 120 g
Eggs X 3
Blueberries X 150 g
Beetroot X 4
Plum X 1
Coconut oil
Black Pepper


rocket arugula fried eggs salad


rocket arugula fried eggs salad ready

How to make the rocket (arugula) fried eggs salad

>> Place about 4 tbs of coconut oil in a frying pan and turn on heat, but make sure heat is turned down low. We want gentle cooking.

>> Once the oil has heated up, break the eggs one at a time and quickly sprinkle some salt and black pepper to each egg. Allow to fry gently. This should last about 3 minutes or thereabout.

>> Place your washed arugula (rocket) in your salad plate in readiness for the fried eggs.

>> Once you are satisfied with how your fried eggs look, scoop each and place on top of the rocket (arugula) vegetables.

>> When you have placed the fried eggs on the arugula rocket veggies, garnish the salad with bueberries, sliced plum, and sliced beetroot.

>> You may add a splash of salad dressing, but for me it is not essential. It may be for you. If it is, go ahead and make a salad dressing splash.

Now enjoy your arugula (rocket) fried eggs salad and watch your blood vessels relax their walls for a healthier cardiovascular health.

Blood sugar reading 1 Hour after having the rocket (arugula) fried eggs salad was 4.8 mmol/l (86.4 mg/dl). I like that!

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