By Dr Joe

I’m going to give you the low down on the relationship between bang energy drinks and your fasting concerns right here. Your search is over.

And I’m going to tell you why you should not be worried, if my answer should surprise you because there’s a workaround.

I am also going to resolve the bang energy drink zero calorie conundrum for you. Plus you get to know if bang energy drinks will kick you out ketosis or not. Don’t worry, your time will be well spent here.

Read on…

There is a new kid in town in the world of sports nutrition. It’s bang energy drinks. Now everyone is jumping on board. Snapping up these new bang energy drinks. Sometimes without thinking through this whole new habit.

do bang energy drinks break a fast

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Suddenly it dawns on you. You haven’t given this new habit a deep enough consideration it deserves. You got caught in the heat of the moment. You realise you’re fasting to lose fat and build muscle.

And at the same time consuming bang energy drinks.

Now, you have to ask yourself the question: do bang energy drinks break a fast?

I’m glad you asked. Because if you’re doing intermittent fasting with or without keto diet, you need to know this.

Let’s get on with it then…


Do bang energy drinks break your fast?

Answer: Yes, they do.
Bang energy drinks will break your fast. Period

Why is this?

Let me explain…

One selling point of the bang energy drink is that it doesn’t contain the mountain of sugar that the pre-existing energy drinks seem to have. That’s all well and good. It might look like drinking bang energy drink is equivalent to drinking pina colada.

However, the other attraction of the bang energy drink is that it contains body fuelling ingredients in the form of Creatine, Caffeine, & BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids).

That sounds great.

But therein lies the problem…the BCAA and Creatine constitute the achilles heal of the bang energy drinks in relation to fasting.

The caffeine is not an issue as far as fasting is concerned, but the presence of the BCAAs and Creatine is significant when you’re fasting.

The BCAA stands for branched chain amino acids. Amino acids are the units that make up protein as we know it. These bcaas are essential amino acids which your body needs. The amino acids that make up BCAA are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

It’s good you can get this supply of amino acids just by drinking your vpx bang energy drink.

However, these amino acids in the BCAA have calorific value.

1 gm of BCAA will give you 4 calories.
In addition to that, creatine is also a protein made up of 3 amino acids. Namely Arginine, Methionine and Glycine.

1 gm of creatine will also deliver 4 calories for you.

So, by definition, if you consume bang energy drink during your fast, you’re consuming a drink that has 2 protein types in the form of BCAA and Creatine.

And because Creatine and BCAAs have calories in them (albeit a small amount), you’re technically eating. Oh yes, You’re eating technically!

Which means you’re breaking your fast.

can you break your fast with bang energy drink

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I suppose your next question is:

Why does the label of bang energy say Zero calories, if the bang energy drink has calories?

Good question…

The straight and simple answer is bang energy drink is labelled as zero calories because that’s what the law requires the manufacturer to do technically.

Yes, it is a technical issue. FDA insists products that do not contain the macronutrient as a whole cannot be labelled as having calories. What do I mean by this?

Bang energy drinks contain BCAAs. These are amino acids. Amino acids are the subunit of the macronutrient, protein. If the bang energy drink had the 3 amino acids making up the BCAA as a whole protein rather than the individual amino acids, then the manufacturer can place the calorie value on the tin.

But because it has the subunits i.e amino acids, the label has to be zero calories. Hope that clarifies the conundrum for you.

Seeing as you’re not drinking champagne or pina colada or indeed any other caffeine-free products because you want an effective pre-workout beverage, should the fact that you’re technically breaking your fast with bang energy drink be an issue?

==> Bang energy drinks good or bad for you?

Does it matter that VPX Bang energy drinks break your fast?

No, it doesn’t matter that your intermittent fasting is disrupted by bang energy drinks.

Because there’s a workaround.

Here’s what you do.

I always advise people to workout in the last hour of their fast. And as you know, bang energy drink is designed as a pre-workout drink to fire up your metabolism. It should give you that much needed energy boost during workouts.

If you delay your workout towards the end of your fast, then it doesn’t really matter that you break your fast in the last hour of your fast. I did do a similar piece on intermittent fasting and BCAAs here.

Drink your bang energy drink 30 minutes before your workout. The bang energy drink will get to work once absorbed.

Your muscles will be ready for the workout because they would have been fed with the much-needed nutrients (amino acids) from the Creatine and the BCAA.

Don’t forget that BCAAs help with muscle building by stimulating protein synthesis using the mTOR pathway.

Drinking your vpx bang energy drink means:

  • Your workout will be more intense.
  • You’ll have better endurance.
  • Your workout output will be better.
  • Your volume will be superior.
  • Overall, you’ll produce better workout results.

How’s that.

In the end, using the bang energy drink to break your fast becomes academic because this workaround I have suggested will work to your advantage.

==> Learn about How Many Bang Energy Drinks You Can Have Per Day here.


WIll Bang energy drink kick me out of ketosis?

Another good question.

The manufacturers of vpx bang energy drinks are striving to get a good market share of the sports nutrition world. So, they have a lot of flavours because taste preferences differ.

The manufacturers know that a huge proportion of the sports nutrition niche is made up of people on ketogenic diet doing intermittent fasting.

They wouldn’t want to eliminate that market share, hence the bang energy drinks have been constituted NOT to kick you out of ketosis. The amount of the super creatine and BCAA in each can of bang energy is not enough to kick you out of ketosis.

To be kicked out of ketosis, you will have to consume a lot of the drinks which you shouldn’t be doing anyway.

Secondly, bang energy drinks are sugar-free. If they had sugar in them, then you’ll be out of ketosis pretty quickly but they are sugar-free. Consuming sugary products is the easiest way to be kicked out of ketosis because your body will revert to using up sugar in preference to ketones for its energy needs.

But a sugar-free product like bang energy drink avoids that.

So, yes, you can drink your bang energy drink in the prescribed way and you won’t be kicked out of ketosis.

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