Dr Joe’s 20/20 Ideas To Better Health

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight

By Dr Joe Does alcohol make you gain weight or is this a myth? And if so, how does alcohol make you gain weight. Let’s delve in into these 2 questions and get some insight right here. Wouldn’t it be great if we could drink as much as we like and not gain a gram of...

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BCAA and Keto: Can You Use BCAAs on Keto?

By Dr Joe There seems to be some kind of conundrum regarding BCAA and keto. I’m sure you’d like to know the answer to 3 burning questions regarding bcaa and keto. And the questions are: Can you use BCAA on keto, do bcaas kick you out of ketosis and is bcaa good for...

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Does High Blood Pressure Make You Hot

By Dr Joe Let me clarify this common question regarding high blood pressure and feeling hot. I often get asked: does high blood pressure make you hot? So, I thought I might as well deal with the issue of high blood pressure causing you to feel hot all of a sudden...

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